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Review of Russian universities, where there is the blockchain training

To get an education in the blockchain, you need to go to university or take courses. Education in universities is more effective, and you can even study for free: it is enough to gain a passing grade of the exam in profile subjects. Each university sets the passing score on their own.

Here is a list of the main Russian universities where blockchain specialists are trained:

Lomonosov Moscow state University (MSU)


  1. Economy
  2. Computer and information sciences (professional development program)

What is studied:

  1. Blockchain in Finance,
  2. The technical aspects of the blockchain

Form of training: workshops on blockchain and cryptocurrencies from industry representatives, lectures

Tuition: full‐time education on a contract basis costs from 370 000 to 410 000 rubles per year. There are budget places. Professional development program — 20 000 rubles for 2 months of full‐time education.

St. Petersburg state University of Economics (St. Petersburg state University)

Specialties: «Applied mathematics and computer science»

What is studied: The IT component of the blockchain, the blockchain for banks and financial institutions.

Form of training: individual lectures, conferences and open workshops for IT professionals and economists.

Tuition: full‐time education on a contract basis in the undergraduate 250 000 rubles a year, in the magistracy 265 000 rubles and graduate 300 000 rubles a year. There are budget places. It is available training in English for 400 000 rubles per year.

Saint‐Petersburg University of information technologies, mechanics and optics (ITMO)

Specialties (only magistracy):

  1. «Financial big data technologies».
  2. «Mathematical software of global financial systems».

What is studied: the fundamentals of the blockchain and its application in Finance.

Form of training:lectures on blockchain as part of the course on big data technology.

Tuition: the pilot course is still free.

Higher school of Economics (HSE)

Specialties (only magistracy): «Financial technology and data analysis»

What is studied: blockchain in finance

Form of training: lectures and master classes with the participation of Sberbank specialists.

Tuition: for Russian citizens training is free, it is fully sponsored by Sberbank. For foreigners is 360 000 rubles. They are teached in Russian and English.

Tomsk state University (TSU)

Specialties (only magistracy): Finance and Management.

What is studied: blockchain in finance.

Form of training: lectures within the course «Innovations in financial markets».

Tuition: 85500 rubles per year. There are budget places.

Plekhanov Russian University of Economics


  1. Digital economy for GMU
  2. Blockchain programming
  3. Blockchain for lawyers
  4. Blockchain for entrepreneurs
  5. IT digital technology specialist

What is studied: blockchain for programmers, lawyers, economists, entrepreneurs, traders.

Form of training: master classes, open lectures, project sessions, seminars, training programs, professional retraining, magistracy.

Tuition: unspecified.


Who is conduct: Sberbank .

For whom: IT professionals and business owners

Tuition: 30 000 rubles for 4 days of training.

Who is conduct: with the support of the state Duma

For whom: for Blockchain Lawyers

Tuition: 35 000 — 85 000 rubles for 75 academic hours.

There are many blockchain courses in English; many of them are available for free or for a nominal fee. About learning blockchain in other countries read the article «How to get education in the field of blockchain in the USA, Europe and Asia».

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