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RosTech! Your roadmap for blockchain implementation will lead to loss the sovereignty for Russia

RosTech, we need to talk.

You develop a roadmap using the “distributed registry system” technology. That is, you are developing plans for which «the digitization of branches of the Russian economy will be carried out.»

The approach to implementing the blockchain that your team proposes shows that you see the blockchain as a tool for industrial optimization. And this means you do not understand the depth of the upcoming technical and economic transformation.

Blockchain is not an optimization technology. Blockchain is a control technology.

The same misunderstanding reigns in almost the entire expert community.
To date, 99% of all existing business cases comes down to using the blockchain in production processes for the purpose of optimization, integration or reengineering. And it does not allow to see forests behind this tree.

The times when the main goal was industrial optimization and reengineering ended in the middle of the tenths. Today, the main task is the transition to such forms of management that form radically new, other socio‐economic relations.

In classical philosophy, the concept of «new» and «other.» According to the traditional discourse, the new is something that comes from the old, but differs from all previous changes. The other is something that has nothing in common with the old.

So, thanks to the blockchain, previously unknown digital entities arise, a radically different picture of the world is structured, a new social institutions are created.

Blockchain and the stack of accompanying technologies are a tool for transition to other production relations, and as a result, to other management models.

Today, only the lazy one does not see that “the productive forces are revolting against the mode of production that they have outgrown” (F. Engels. “Anti‐Dühring”).

The national economy is competitive when based on its own unique meanings. An example of one unique meaning is the thesis “time is money”. Another unique meaning is “work is money”. From these two meanings, two different economic systems are born: the Jewish and the Islamic.

Borrowing foreign experience here will not help, because for every successful national economy uses its own meanings, in the American — its own, in the Japanese — its own, and so on.

Economic independence is based on a simple scheme: first, production relations and the order of interaction between the subjects of these relations are modeled, and then production resources are created on the basis of this model and specific applied solutions are developed. This is a top‐down development model.

This scheme is valid for any national economy. But those countries that have not formed their “vertical of realization” from meanings to applied solutions will depend on self‐sufficient economies either at the level of meanings or at the level of the model.

Statehood dictates its own meanings. Blockchain platforms allow you to create autonomous systems that are not tied to the geography of the state. This is a network, not a vertical model of the organization of the socio‐economic space.

The absence in the Russian blockchain platform of its own model of meanings will lead to the fact that Russia will be included in the global production relations as a dependent participant. The Russian economy will have to obey the logic of the players who have developed such models.

The first item on the roadmap should be to build your own model of meanings.

Blockchain technology should not be viewed as a tool to optimize production, but as a management technology, that is, a way of organizing social and production relations according to the type of “platform” or “ecosystem”. In the meantime, we are seeing the use of blockchain technologies to optimize routine production processes. Such a «nailing microscope nails.»

Let’s compare two engineering teams:

  • one team is engaged in modeling new social institutions, where the optimization of the economy is a consequence, not a task.
  • The second team is engaged in the optimization of production, and this is its final task. Which team will win in the long run?

Obviously, the first team will integrate the second into their social institutions. The second team will turn into an appendage of someone else’s system. So they lose their sovereignty. Unnoticed. Due to incorrectly built concepts of development.

Following your roadmap, we will become a digital appendage of the West.

The struggle for geopolitical primacy flows from the plane of military superiority, into the plane of technology and management models. Economic superiority does not grow from production methods, but from management models.

We shared with you our developments and provided detailed comments on each item of the roadmap. Unfortunately, our comments and suggestions were not heard, so we appeal to you through the media.

Let’s discuss the roadmap in working order before it is accepted for implementation. Otherwise, its implementation will be taken by citizens of a completely different state.

Dmitry Kosten,

blockchain expert, adviser to the Russian government on the digital economy

Read the article of Dmitry Kosten «Management through modelling will transform the economy»

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