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XET to rise out of nowhere

Young cryptocurrency Eternal Token (trade ticker XET) showed fantastic 650 percent growth during the last week. The token skyrocketed to the Top‐100 and established itself on the 62th position at the moment. The reasons behind this pump are unclear, though background is as follows.

  1. Eternal Token reached a peak on Sunday, September 29, being $2,4 worth, while 3 weeks ago its value was only $0.07. This means the token increased its cost 34x over.
  2. Even though the total XET supply is 200 million tokens, only 60 million has been circulating in the market. The 99% of it being traded on the IDEX exchange, and the rest went to Sistemkoin. The market cap is $118 million while 45 days ago it was just $47 million. Very impressive growth.
  3. There are only 7000 token holders and it must be very big investors that provide such a huge trade volume.
  4. Some analysis puts it that the plans to expand XET to Asia and Africa has lead the token to the heights it enjoys today. In particular, Atom Solutions, XET developer, signed an agreement with Eternal Wallet PH Holdings from Philippines.
  5. Eternal Token can be traded with Eternal Coin (XEC) in the ratio either 1:10 or 1:1 according to various sources. XEC is another product from Atom Solutions, and this company seems to be very obscure due to the absence of transparency.
  6. XEC with its 200 million token supply is supposed to provide safe and quick payments to the any part of the world. Eternal Coin is also a part of the Eternal Wallet, which is connected to your phone number and allows to change cryptocurrency for fiat. Despite the large amount of issued tokens XEC isn’t listed anywhere so far.

Whatever the background of the XET pump, traders are attempting to ride the tide and make some money on the bull market as long as the price is high.

We suppose that the situation is rocked by Yakuza pursuing their dirty goals. With the token value pumped, the Japanese mafia will be able to change it for other stable coins or to fiat at the very profitable rates. This is a perfect way to launder hard earned money.

By the way, Japanese keep feeding the market with the news. Last week we wrote about a failed ICO by the Module company from the Land of the Rising Sun.

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