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Martha’s ligature

At a recent conference at the CEC, Ella Pamfilova admitted that the words «ballot box» make her think about death. Well, shit happens.

Then Pamfilova got carried away, as she offered to rebrand the word «blockchain». It would seem that Mr. Buffett had bitten her — if he still had his own teeth.

Quote: «”Block” sounds like something enclosed. Mind you, this is in Russia, where every third citizen knows firsthand what prison is about… Then we have “chain”. “Block” and “chain” work together on a subconscious level here,» — the CEC chairperson told the conference participants on the electoral system 25th anniversary.

We can’t agree more with Mrs. Pamfilova. The words «block» and «chain» connote prison considering the latest version of the law on digital financial assets.

Still, a decent initiative it is. Let’s support it.

So what does she suggest to rename blockchain to? Our version is «Martha’s ligature».

Why Martha’s ligature? Because one shouldn’t stop on the blockchain! Let’s start with the name of Ella. What is Ella anyway? Cannibalism of some kind. Let it be Martha. Blockchain will be called a «ligature» now. That’s how we get Martha’s ligature.

We should rename the «ballot box» to a «ballot basket», a «conference» to a «veche», and «elections» to «etholiad». Does it feel better now? Definitely, it does!

And now this «rebranding». We should call it «rechristenation»! This is the Pamfilova way!

But look at the apostates, got off their crusts already.

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