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Russian digital sovereignty should be protected

A statehood is dependent on new technologies. If Russia does not take decisive action now, will lose its self‐sufficiency in the future.

Objective preconditions for the transition to a new socio‐economic system have developed in the world. Society is moving into a new coördinate system, where the seizure of power will occur through new technologies that control not a natural person, but his digital profile.

Until today, management, assets and individuals were in a single territorial physical space, and all relations were built around an individual. In the emerging space, management is moving into the digital plane, where all relationships are built around the digital profiles of individuals and digital images of real assets.

In such an environment, mechanisms of direct impact on individuals and traditional methods of asset management do not work. To manage society and the economy requires a radically new approach. We highlight three aspects of the processes that take place:

  • First:

To manage economic and social relations, a technical model of the environment will be used. Manual control will disappear.

  • Second:

The economic model, built on the principles of the theory of interest rates, has ended. A new ontology has formed: a contract and money are a single inseparable whole (cryptocurrency). Firm, competition and capital will undergo profound transformations.

  • Third:

A new digital plane is being formed in the world coördinate system. It has no territorial boundaries and it has its own laws of development. The management function and the function of money is transformed and leaves the plane of real assets and crosses the digital plane. This means they are not subject to traditional regulatory mechanisms, including political and power ones. Moreover, those who shape the environment and this new coördinate system, in fact, seize power from the leadership of any country through new technologies.

To date, 26 working groups have been created for the development of the digital economy in Russia, and a long road map has been written. However, all 26 groups see technology as a way to optimize production processes. A long roadmap has no goal setting. None of the working groups considers the digital economy from the perspective of changing management models.

While digital is a change management technology. Optimization is only a consequence of a change in management, but not the root cause.
The nature of the crypto‐contract economy is supranational and in the near future the technological platforms that set the rules of the game, and not the geographical boundaries protected by military force, will determine the national borders of state power. National identity and statehood will be shaped by the meanings embodied in technical solutions, and displayed in contractual and non‐contractual relations.

The explosive growth of new technologies and our lag in their systematic development threatens the sovereignty of the Russian Federation. A comparison with the race to create atomic weapons suggests itself. A misunderstanding of the severity of the moment by the country’s leadership can lead to irreparable consequences. It is necessary to immediately accelerate work in this direction. This is not on the roadmap for the development of the digital economy today.

Inaction or movement in the wrong direction will erase Russia from the new world political, economic and social coördinate system, and provide “digital slavery” to future generations. Since the one who manages the meanings in the emerging new world of the crypto‐economy, he will concentrate the main technological and intellectual world resources.

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