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ICO project Uranus overview

Name: Uranus
Token symbol: URAC
Website: https://​uranus​.io/
GitHub: https://​github​.com/​U​r​a​n​ers
Documentation: Technical Documentation
ICO status: private sale in progress, details unknown. Registration is going in the white list.

The exact dates of the ICO are unknown. Registration in whitelist is open in the telegraph on September 3, but investors in chat rooms write that they have not yet received confirmation of participation (all applications in “pending” status) Hardcap 35,000 ETH (about $ 8 million. At the current rate), which is not much .

URAC is an ERC‐20 based Ethereum based token, in the future it is planned to issue on its own blockchain and exchange 1: 1. In total, 3.5 billion URAC tokens were issued, of which 35% (1 billion tokens) were sold. On a private sale bonus of 25%. The company is registered in Singapore; the whole team is Asian.

Brief description of the project

Uranus is a decentralized cloud computing platform that plans to become Airbnb and Uber for data centers. The project intends to provide customers around the world the opportunity to perform complex calculations outside of centralized cloud services such as Amazon, Microsoft, and to make this company a serious competition. The platform can be used for computer games, voting, calculating the motion of planets in orbits, weather analysis and much more.

The main feature of Uranus is its focus on solving the problem of under‐utilization of the computing term on personal computers, corporate computers or servers. Underutilization of actions to the fact that the world market is losing huge amounts of computing resources. Uranium also promises solutions and a number of other strategies for centralized computing platforms, including data security risks. White paper on the project provides examples of data leaks from centralized cloud storages (including those of the Pentagon and Uber) in recent years; the team promises to make the platform as reliable and secure as possible, thanks to blockchain technology.

The URAC Token will be used to acquire computing power, manage the ecosystem, obtain voting rights, and encourage various users of the platform.

The project solves a real problem: the average utilization of computing power of computers in the world is only 10 – 15%. If you use all the unused computer power for computing, it can bring 4 billion dollars a year.

Uranus offers solutions to problems and inefficient use of cloud resources. In the field of decentralized computing, there are already many projects: SONM, AWS, MS Azure, Golem, Iexec, Ankr Network, Rrchain Network, Hyper Network, but they do not use unused capacity.

What does the blockchain

The project site says that the blockchain technology facilitates the exchange of computing power for participants and users, and also helps to synchronize processors when connected. But the blockchain — like a distributed database — cannot perform such functions.

Project team and advisors

Most team members have an IT background and advanced degrees.

James Jiang (James Jiang) — Executive Director. Presented as a Master of Mathematics, an employee of the Bell Northern Research research company, Vice‐Chairman of the National Organization for Standardization of Telecommunications TR45.5.2, former CEO and Chairman of the board of telecommunications company Shenzhen ZTE Mobile Telecom Co. Ltd. The network is mainly referred to as the director of Uranus, confirmation of past work places could not be found.

Halley Han (Halley Han) — the chief system architect. Presented as an expert in a distributed virtual computing security system, LINUX architect Wyse Technology LLC, chief system architect Soft Infrastructure Software Co. The network is mentioned only as one of the leaders of Uranus.

Kevin Wang — marketing director, former manager of the Coca‐Cola branch in Taiwan, AliBaba employee, Yumi Network operations director, Jingdong & Tmall, COO at New Foods Division of New Hope Liuhe Co., Ltd. All previous places of work are not confirmed in any way, and some companies in his portfolio do not even have work sites.

In addition, the site contains 22 more team members and an adviser. The team is completely Asian and makes a double impression: at first glance it seems quite strong and experienced, but even a superficial check gives reason to doubt their experience.

Friendliness to investors

The site is available in English and Chinese. On the official channel in Telegramkto about 45 000 people, but confused by the small number of views of each post (300 — 1000 people). There are 88,000 people in the Telegram group, but the activity is also low: it is possible that there are many bountists or stranded subscribers among them. Admins answer questions.

Positive Indicators

A promising idea.
Active GitHub.
There is MVP (test network launch announced on October 19), the launch of the main network in Q1 2019.
Team members seem to have an IT background.
Small hardcap.
Friendliness to investors.

Negative Indicators

The company was founded recently, in the summer of 2018.
A little tightened RoadMap (until the end of 2019).
It is not entirely clear why the project is a blockchain.
There are doubts about the reliability of information about the experience of the team.
There is only Technical WP, in which much attention is paid to technical issues, but the tokenomics and development plan are poorly spelled out.
No legal expertise.
Many competitors.
The project is not transparent enough. In the chat they report that there is a private sale, but the details are asked to specify by e‐mail.
A huge number of people in the group and on the channel, but the activity is low, which indicates a poor quality of the audience.
No information on listing tokens on exchanges (admins refer to a nondisclosure agreement)

Our assessment

4 out of 10

The project made a double impression: against the background of an attractive idea about the use of free computer capacity, there is no elaboration of the project’s economy, and there is neither a token‐sale date or a listing date.

For short‐term investors, the project is hardly interesting. Long‐term investors may need to register in the white list and study it in more detail by negotiating with the project team.

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