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Tales of brave Blobchain, which takes them all down

Imagine a jam‐packed high‐rise building named The Globe with lots of different people living there. Best apartments upstairs belong to uncle Sam and his family. Places below including basement are occupied by diverse group of nations. This is how the world order looks like.

For any cash payment this big tower uses lift called SWIFT controlled by uncle Sam. But some rogue folks couldn’t use it and are forced to take the stairs. Should this wondrous elevator is broken the whole world will be a heck of a mess as nobody will be able to buy French fries for dinner.

That is the way the things were going until some gang of overgrown silver‐spooners aka “Euphoria Union”, or EU, decided to separate from uncle Sam. They were really long for doing business whoever they want with, like some bearded neighbour named Ayatollah, aka Atoll.

Uncle Sam hates Atoll who eats and sleeps getting back at him one day.

Whatever they’ve got between themselves, Atoll has a lot to offer for cheap but there’s a tiny problem killing everything. In a nutshell, Atoll is not permitted to use SWIFT.

Since lift the SWIFT is out of the Atoll game, the spooners conceived to bring another one and to attach it on the outside of the building. Sam was freaked out but decided to wait and see what happens. Anyway, Atoll falls under new sanctions soon and his EU friends can get the same treatment one day.

And then… some smartass cryptanes have stepped onto the scene, pardon, the stairwell.

These guys brought along a wonderful thing – a blob with chain, which can do everything. Wanna elevator? Use blobchain. Wanna pay for electricity? Here it is, a blobchain! And not a single person can cheat anybody else anymore. The bad thing is blobchain is slow but smartass cryptanes promised to fix it.

That was a real thing for EU to do business with Atoll. Kinda, all is transparent, no skimming, no one can rip off anyone.

But EU guys didn’t like it as they used to swim in the muddy waters. They offered cryptanes to fuck off.

Well, they did. But you know, blobchain is unstoppable. Cryptanes mobilzed some boys from the neighbourhood and taught them how to do blobchain.

And when hordes of blobchain flood the Globe tower, this will be the end of dirty tricks EU gang enjoy. And nobody will need to pay uncle Sam for the lift the SWIFT.

And then it’s time for uncle Sam…

— — — — — — — — –

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